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The Latin American Studies Network of Montreal (RÉLAM) is founded on the need to create a space for research and collaboration for the “Latin American community” of Montreal. In the Spring of 2014, a group of professors from four Montreal universities proposed the establishment of a group of Latin American Studies to their social science colleagues who share an interest in Latin America. This appeal met a large and enthusiastic response. Read More…

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Appel à candidature – Organisation Universitaire Interaméricaine
Poste de coordonnateur (trice) du Congrès des Amériques sur l’éducation internationale

******************************Post-Doc Individual Fellowships: Université libre de Bruxelles Nora Nagels ( or Françoise Montambeault ( for Latin American professors contacts at ULB.


Assistanat de recherche pour un(e) étudiant(e) de Costa Rica

WE NEED Locally-based research assistants to help with a research project on the impacts of hosting international volunteers. I am looking for a research assistant in Costa Rica (or a Costa Rican international student who may be studying in Canada). Someone who is a good writer and fluent in English.

The work involves:

1.       Analysing some transcribed data (qualitative analysis – just reading the materials) from interviews that have already been collected

2.       Summarizing the data into the themes that the researcher sees emerging from the data

3.       Writing a short history/background piece on Costa Rica in relation to international encounters with volunteers and development workers

4.       Submitting this work in the form of a book chapter that I will co-write and will hopefully publish in the collection (there are 8 other countries where I already have research assistants). Deadline is October 2016 for completion of work

5.       I will pay the researcher (student or recent graduate) for the hours of work (which I think will be between 50 – 100 hours depending on how quickly they read and write) for a total of $1000 Canadian.

Hiring will take place this month if possible. A student, recent graduate from or in Costa Rica will be the ideal candidate.  They need to have good English language skills as the materials are in English and the written work is expected to be in English.

Please contact Olga Navarro-Flores: and Rebecca

Olga Navarro-Flores, M.A.; Ph.D. Professeure
Département Management et Technologie
Chaire de recherche en gestion de projets
Observatoire Canadien sur les Crises et l’aide Humanitaires (OCCAH)

Conférence (en espagnol) par Carlos Zamudio, ethnologue mexicain spécialisé en médecine sociale. commentée par Tina Hilgers, professeure adjointe au département de sciences politiques de l’Université Concordia et membre du RELAM:
"Adolescents dans les marchés locaux de drogues de
Mexico et Medellín" - Jeudi 08 septembre 2016 de 12h15 à 13h45, INRS - salle 1106 (385, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montréal)

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