Réseau d'études latino-américaines de Montréal / Latin American Studies Network of Montreal

The Latin American Studies Network of Montreal (RÉLAM) is founded on the need to create a space for research and collaboration for the “Latin American community” of Montreal. In the Spring of 2014, a group of professors from four Montreal universities proposed the establishment of a group of Latin American Studies to their social science colleagues who share an interest in Latin America. This appeal met a large and enthusiastic response. Read More…

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We are delighted to announce that, since January 1st, 2017, Nora Nagels and Julián Durazo Herrmann, professors of political science at UQAM and members of RELAM, became director and co-director of the Observatoire des Amériques (ODA).

The Observatoire des Amériques is, with the Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d’études latino-américaines, the UQAM antenna of the Montreal Network for Latin American Studies (RÉLAM). OdA works together with RELAM to create a collaborative space and network of students and researchers working on Latin America in Montreal and elsewhere. A constitutive part of the Centre d’études sur l’intégration et la mondialisation (CÉIM), the Observatoire des Amériques monitors the Americas’ economic, political and social dynamics, as well as the new forms of cooperation and integration and their consequences. The OdA is also at the heart of and an incubator for research on the Americas in Quebec, participating to the public debates through academic activities like conferences, scientific exchanges, discussions, etc. The OdA also wants to promote and support student research on the Americas. RELAM is an interdisciplinary network that promotes exchange, cooperation and knowledge mobilization in Latin American studies across the social sciences and humanities. Founded in 2014, RELAM brings together some fifty researchers and professors, as well as graduate and postdoctoral students, from the four Montreal universities (UQAM, Concordia, McGill and Université de Montréal) and from nearby regions.

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******************************Post-Doc Individual Fellowships: Université libre de Bruxelles Contact: Nora Nagels ( or Françoise Montambeault ( for Latin American professors contacts at ULB.


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